Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 18 Text 38

yat tad agre 'mrtopamam
pariname visam iva
tat sukham rajasam smrtam

visaya--of the objects of the senses; indriya--and the senses; samyogat--from the combination; yat--which; tat--that; agre--in the beginning; amrta-upamam--just like nectar; pariname--at the end; visam iva--like poison; tat--that; sukham--happiness; rajasam--in the mode of passion; smrtam--is considered.


That happiness which is derived from contact of the senses with their objects and which appears like nectar at first but poison at the end is said to be of the nature of passion.


This sloka could be a description of my use of alcohol. When I used to drink it would feel so good at the start but, being an alcoholic, I could never stop after just one or two and would wake up with terrible hangovers from alcohol poisoning. Thank God those days are over!

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