Sunday, April 29, 2012


My drawing for today is “Writing and Drawing, 1999.” It shows five portraits of the artist writing and drawing with his pen. On one page it says, “We want a K.C. rooted tree, and from that you can write your trees and branches of poems with your pen. Root is sravanam-kirtanam.” Another shows a self-portrait drawing a picture of Radha and Krishna: “Are you going to keep on drawing? Why not?” It’s another way to aspire for Krishna conscious service. They are behind-the-scenes sketches of the artist with pen in hand and it gives us an insight as to his personal working character.

(Satsvarupa das Goswami 4-17-12)


Reading Sanatorium is like looking at this self-portrait of the author. I am not very far into the book but I have to wonder how many of the characters are just different aspects of S.D.G.'s own personality.

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