Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 11 Text 45
adrsta-purvam hrsito 'smi drstva
bhayena ca pravyathitam mano me
tad eva me darsaya deva rupam
prasida devesa jagan-nivasa

adrsta-purvam--never seen before; hrsitah--gladdened; asmi--I am; drstva--by seeing; bhayena--out of fear; ca--also; pravyathitam--perturbed; manah--mind; me--my; tat--that; eva--certainly; me--unto me; darsaya--show; deva--O Lord; rupam--the form; prasida- just be gracious; deva-isa--O Lord of lords; jagat-nivasa--O refuge of the universe.


After seeing this universal form, which I have never seen before, I am gladdened, but at the same time my mind is disturbed with fear. Therefore please bestow Your grace upon me and reveal again Your form as the Personality of Godhead, O Lord of lords, O abode of the universe.

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