Monday, July 8, 2013


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 10 Text 10
tesam satata-yuktana
bhajatam priti-purvakam
dadami buddhi-yogam tam
yena mam upayanti te

tesam--unto them; satata-yuktanam--always engaged; bhajatam--in rendering devotional service; priti-purvakam--in loving ecstasy; dadami--I give; buddhi-yogam--real intelligence; tam--that; yena--by which; mam--unto Me; upayanti--come; te--they.


To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.


I am beginning this week with filling in the holes of chapter ten. The first nine slokas were posted between December 10 and December 14 of 2010.

In his purport, Srila Prabhupada points out; The ultimate goal of progress is Krsna. People do not know this; therefore the association of devotees and a bona fide spiritual master are important. One should know that the goal is Krsna, and when the goal is assigned, then the path is slowly but progressively traversed, and the ultimate goal is achieved. When a person knows the goal of life but is addicted to the fruits of activities, he is acting in karma-yoga. When he knows that the goal is Krsna but he takes pleasure in mental speculations to understand Krsna, he is acting in jnana-yoga. And when he knows the goal and seeks Krsna completely in Krsna consciousness and devotional service, he is acting in bhakti-yoga, or buddhi-yoga, which is the complete yoga. This complete yoga is the highest perfectional stage of life. He then ends by stating; If a devotee is not intelligent enough to make progress on the path of self-realization but is sincere and devoted to the activities of devotional service, the Lord gives him a chance to make progress and ultimately attain to Him.

Krishna is so kind!

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