Thursday, September 26, 2013


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 8 Text 1
arjuna uvaca
kim tad brahma kim adhyatmam
kim karma purusottama
adhibhutam ca kim proktam
adhidaivam kim ucyate

arjunah uvaca--Arjuna said; kim--what; tat--that; brahma--Brahman; kim--what; adhyatmam--the self; kim--what; karma--fruitive activities; purusa-uttama--O Supreme Person; adhibhutam--the material manifestation; ca--and; kim--what; proktam--is called; adhidaivam--the demigods; kim--what; ucyate--is called.


Arjuna inquired: O my Lord, O Supreme Person, what is Brahman? What is the self? What are fruitive activities? What is this material manifestation? And what are the demigods? Please explain this to me.


We have finished filling in the missing slokas from chapter five and are now moving on to chapter eight.

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