Friday, October 11, 2013


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 8 Text 28
vedesu yajnesu tapahsu caiva
danesu yat punya-phalam pradistam
atyeti tat sarvam idam viditva
yogi param sthanam upaiti cadyam

vedesu--in the study of the Vedas; yajnesu--in the performances of yajna, sacrifice; tapahsu--in undergoing different types of austerities; ca--also; eva--certainly; danesu--in giving charities; yat--that which; punya-phalam--result of pious work; pradistam--indicated; atyeti--surpasses; tat sarvam--all those; idam--this; viditva--knowing; yogi--the devotee; param--supreme; sthanam--abode; upaiti--achieves; ca--also; adyam--original.


A person who accepts the path of devotional service is not bereft of the results derived from studying the Vedas, performing austere sacrifices, giving charity or pursuing philosophical and fruitive activities. Simply by performing devotional service, he attains all these, and at the end he reaches the supreme eternal abode.


This is the last sloka of chapter eight. It is also the last patch I have to make in this chapter.

Srila Prabhupada states at the beginning of his purport; This verse is the summation of the Seventh and Eighth chapters, which particularly deal with Krsna consciousness and devotional service.

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