Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sanatorium by SDG

Swami Swims medicates, I mean meditates, and all the subpersons slowly move on a muddy river. They come from his heart. They are different parts of himself.

. . .

There's my story, how I jumped out the window of a four-story building. I broke both my heels. The left ankle is still a cause of great dismay. Unfortunately, that's not a spiritual story, because all I had done before jumping out the window was read a karmi edition of the Isopanisad. It did give me the impression that there was no difference between matter and space, and so I could jump out the window and not be hurt. I also thought the afterlife was blue.

Satsvarupa das Goswami - Sanatorium


Ahh, fiction. We never know if the character is speaking or if the author is speaking through the character. Are the above sections a form of self confession? Is the first how our author feels about his writing? Is the second true, just a bad rumour, or made up out of whole cloth? We the reader will probably never know.

I do find it entertaining writing and that is the point of writing fiction; to entertain.

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