Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sanatorium by SDG

Swami Syama said he was honored to serve at the sanatorium, and he considered it the cutting edge of preaching in the Krsna consciousness movement. When devotees who were sidelined with injuries proved that they could continue their sadhana, or just continue to try, they were setting the best example.

Satsvarupa das Goswami - Sanatorium


I have finished reading Sanatorium and personally found it to be well worth the time. The flow between prose and poetry can be seamless at times; a wonderful technique that I have not seen used in any other novel.

My copy was censored twice by using cartoons to block the offensive paragraphs. The second of these cartoons depicted the censor as an Arab terrorist. How this is less offensive then the mention of male genitalia I'm not sure. I did a little research and have read the "bad parts" on-line. The book would certainly not be censored by the secular world.

Overall I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it. It could be a great preaching tool for approaching a non-devotee. If any of my readers have read it I am curious to hear your reactions to this controversial piece of literature.

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