Thursday, October 11, 2012


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 4 Text 16
kim karma kim akarmeti
kavayo 'py atra mohitah
tat te karma pravaksyami
yaj jnatva moksyase 'subhat

kim--what is; karma--action; kim--what is; akarma--inaction; iti--thus; kavayah--the intelligent; api--also; atra--in this matter; mohitah--are bewildered; tat--that; te--unto you; karma--work; pravaksyami--I shall explain; yat--which; jnatva--knowing; moksyase--you will be liberated; asubhat--from ill fortune.


Even the intelligent are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction. Now I shall explain to you what action is, knowing which you shall be liberated from all misfortune.


When I was young I heard that; "If God is your co-pilot you need to change seats". Arjuna has Krishna as his driver and so do we if we would just put ourselves aside.

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