Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Bhagavad Gita As It Is -
Chapter 5 Text 17
tad-buddhayas tad-atmanas
tan-nisthas tat-parayanah
gacchanty apunar-avrttim

tat-buddhayah--those whose intelligence is always in the Supreme; tat-atmanah--those whose minds are always in the Supreme; tat-nisthah--those whose faith is only meant for the Supreme; tat-parayanah--who have completely taken shelter of Him; gacchanti--go; apunah-avrttim--to liberation; jnana--by knowledge; nirdhuta--cleansed; kalmasah--misgivings.


When one's intelligence, mind, faith and refuge are all fixed in the Supreme, then one becomes fully cleansed of misgivings through complete knowledge and thus proceeds straight on the path of liberation.


I visited with my family yesterday for Christmas and was surprised to receive a pair of katalas as a gift. My ex-wife has never been very supportive of my faith which made the gift all that more special!

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