Saturday, December 29, 2012


Mukunda-mālā-stotra 3
mukunda mūrdhnā praṇipatya yāce
bhavantam ekāntam iyantam
artham avismṛtis tvac-caraṇāravinde
bhave bhave me 'stu bhavat-prasādāt

mukunda — O Lord Mukunda; mūrdhnā — with my head; praṇipatya — bowing down; yāce — I respectfully beg; bhavantam — from You; ekāntam — exclusively; iyantam — this much; artham — desire to be fulfilled; avismṛtiḥ — freedom from forgetfulness; tvat — Your; caraṇa-aravinde — at the lotus feet; bhave bhave — in each repeated birth; me — my; astu — let there be; bhavat — Your; prasādāt — by the mercy.


O Lord Mukunda! I bow down my head to Your Lordship and respectfully ask You to fulfill this one desire of mine: that in each of my future births I will, by Your Lordship's mercy, always remember and never forget Your lotus feet.


We have made it through the entire Bhagavad Gita although there are some holes and missing slokas. From here on out I will be jumping around a bit filling in those missing slokas.

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